Give Your Pup a Vacation While You're Away

Schedule dog boarding services in Burton, MI

Just because you can't take your dog on vacation with you doesn't mean they shouldn't experience their own getaway. Borton's Doggy Play & Stay LLC offers dog boarding services from our daycare center in Burton, MI. Your dog will experience hours of off-leash open play followed by a cozy night in our boarding rooms.

You'll be on your vacation, and your dog will feel like they're on one of their own. Connect with someone on our staff today about the details of our dog boarding services.

Don't break the bank to care for your pet

Don't break the bank to care for your pet

You want to treat your pet like royalty, but that doesn't mean you want high boarding bills. Our pricing for dog boarding is reasonable without compromising on your pet's comfort. Rates include...

  • $42 for one night for one dog
  • $72 for one night for two dogs ($30 for additional dog)

All we ask is that your pets are up-to-date on their Bordetella, rabies and distemper shots and are spayed or neutered. Ask any questions about our pricing for dog boarding by calling 810-877-6035 now.